Enabling Noninvasive Health Monitoring Anytime Anywhere for People, Plants and Planet Earth


Personal Health Monitoring:   Heart Rate,  SpO2,  Blood Pressure, Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitoring        

Agri-Food Quality & Safety Farm to Table, Plant Health & Fruit Ripeness, Harvest Time

Air Quality & Water Quality & Solar Energy, Real Time Nationwide

Lighting Quality for Personal Health & Sleep & Productivity, Lighting Quality for Plants, Lighting Quality for Animal

Cosmetics, Security,  and many other Applications


Product Features :   Digital Spectrometer, The World Smallest,  Individually Calibrated, Device-to-Device Repeatability  

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For DataSheet, SDK and API documents, please check Resources .

Latest News

Tiny spectroradiometer measures 340 nm to 1010 nm for agriculture

Tiny spectroradiometer helps find spectral diet for plant and human

nanoLambda XL-500 - Tiny Spectroradiometer to Find Optimum Spectrum for Plants and Humans

nanoLambda speaks at

EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Environmental Monitoring  15 June 2020

CIOE 2019 (Sep5)

Sensors Expo 2018                     


For DataSheet, SDK and API documents, please check Resources .