Frequently Asked Questions


If you are facing any difficulty in running, compiling, or building the GUI application and examples or need some assistance regarding software and hardware, please send an email at . Please include in your email all of the following information:

  • Sensor ID
    • Examples: Z3251-XX-XX-XX-X
  • Host OS, version, and architecture.
    • Examples: Windows 8 64-bit x86, Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit x86, OS X Mavericks, Arduino, Raspberry-pi, Android
  • Issue/Bug Information
    • Examples: GUI not working for windows.
    • Screen Shot of issue/ bug if available.



    Q: Will you replace a product  with a new one if it has problem ?

    If the product has a problem, not caused by the buyer, we replace the product.

    Replacement period is within 90 days from delivery.

    Please contact us first,  at   

    Ship back address is.

    National NanoFab Center # 608, 

    291 Daehak-ro Yuseong-gu,

    Daejeon, 34141, Korea



    Q: Will you refund  ?

    We do not refund.


    Please make sure if you need the items for any reason, before purchasing the items



    Q: Can I pay using a credit card ?

    Yes, we accept VISA or Mastercard as well, along with Paypal.

    Just in case, all the above options don't work for you, then we can arrange bank transfer too. Please contact  for more details.


    Quotation, Invoice and PO required by company or institution

    Q: Can you provide Quotation and Invoice ?

    Yes, we can send you a Quotation and/or an invoice if necessary.

    Please email us at   with the following information

        - Contact person, email, phone number

        - Organization name, Address

        - Which product and How many



    Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?

    Unless otherwise noted, sample orders generally ship within 4 weeks.  When the stock is available, it is shipped within 1 or 2 weeks.

    For the volume orders, the lead time would be different. Please contact us, 



    Q: What would be the price for volume orders?

    Volume pricing will be provided per request. The price might be different for different projects or applications because of different requirements.



    Q: What if I have a question with some confidential information?

    We keep customer's information as confidential. Please mark as confidential when you send questions. We may share some general questions with others under this FAQs section. If you want to further make sure, please let us know beforehand. We will sign mutual NDA.