For NSP32m & NSP32m DBK

A wide range of platforms are supported:

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Note: The following supports is for the previous ADK. It has be discontinued since Dec. 2019.

Video Tutorials:
nanoLambda now started making video tutorials to assist customers find their ways through initial steps of development. A series of video tutorials are available, focusing on specific step in the development.
1. Installing NSP32 ADK USB Drivers (watch on YouTube)
2. NSP32 Sensor Calibration Data Downloading (watch on YouTube)
3. Prism GUI Tutorial (Watch on YouTube)
    Sensor Calibration Data:
    Please download specific NSP32 calibration data ( you can check your NSP32 ID using prism GUI under platform specific folder or with your own developed embedded system) from this link and follow instructions mentioned in this document to do a quick installation.
    NSP32 SDK was developed in the C/C++ environment and supports Android, Raspberry-Pi, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems by cross-compiled libraries of C/C++.
    1. Complete SDK package (Include all platforms support). 
    2. Windows SDK package.
    3. Ubuntu SDK Package.
    4. Raspberry Pi SDK Package.
    5. Android SDK Package.
    6. Mac SDK Package.
    Customers who received their NSP32 ADK before March 2017 should download SDK Packages from this link.
     SDK Documents:
    1. Prism User Manual
    2. Quick NSP32 ADK installation Guide
    3. Complete SDK Documents.
           Hardware Documents:
    1. Datasheet
    2. ADK Reference Circuit 2, STM32F4 MCU
    3. ADK Reference Circuit 3, STM32F4 MCU & Timing Conversion FPGA 
    4. Example Source Code, STM32F4_NoFPGA


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